JoJami Tyler is known for her effortless sense of style

JoJami Tyler is known for her effortless sense of style

JoJami Tyler is known for her effortless sense of style and as an Image Consultant; it is her job to help others create the same chic looks she wears every day. JoJami specializes in helping women over forty tweak their wardrobe so they feel beautiful and confident. Personally, JoJami gravitates towards boots, colorful tops and cuff bracelets, while trying to stay away from the color black. She says, “most women have way too much black in their closet. I call it ABD (Abundant Black Disorder) I challenge everyone reading this, to NOT buy black the next 3 times you go shopping. It is harder than you think to not buy black because we are in a habit of buying it, it is safe, and there is so much of it out there! But when you finally do start adding more color to your wardrobe you will be happy when you get dressed in the morning and will usually get a compliment!” For other great tips go to her website,

1. Are you inspired by a particular designer or celebrity?

No, I live a different type of life than them, so I have to dress what looks best on my body type. My favorite way to get inspired is going to Philly, NYC or LA and I see what women are wearing on the street. I have no problem going up to a fashionable looking woman and saying, “You look fantastic, where did you get that....?”

2.   Where do you shop?

I really shop a lot of places all over the country, but my favorite locally is Ellie for clothes, Ashley Austin for shoes and Houpette for sleepwear, makeup and gifts. If you have never owned a pair of Casablanca p.j.’s you haven't lived! They have the best selection!

3.   How often do you shop?

All the time, all year long, however, I am super picky. Just because I shop a lot, I actually do not buy a lot... that is the secret of building a wonderful wardrobe full of things you love!!! 

4.   Do you look for a bargain or is price not an issue if you really love it?

I only buy things I love and adore. So if it is on sale that is a bonus, if not, and I have to have it, I will splurge but it will have to be something I know I will wear for many years to come.

5.   Do current fashion trends affect your personal style?

Absolutely! I love the gladiator sandals that are coming out now. They were so hot last spring, and they have come back for another round, it seems. When I first saw them, I was very wary, but now I think they are funky and wonderful! Funny how that happens, eh??

6.   How many pairs of shoes do you own?

LOTS... but you can never have enough shoes. However, I am diligent about getting rid of the ones that are out of style. Moreover, I am ga-ga for boots and probably at least 8 pair.

7. Do you continue to use and wear the clothes that you already have or does every new season require a new wardrobe?

What??? I want to meet the woman that gets an entire new wardrobe every season!! So for me, of course not! That is just not realistic for anyone! However, every season, I do add a few new pieces to spice up what I already have. This year I’m adding lots of color!!! I just bought a wonderful burnt orange BCBG casual jacket that has a soft ruffle down the front!

8. Does your job / life style play a part in determining what you are able to wear?

I am SO lucky that I am in a business where I have to look great all the time. It really keeps me on top of my game and not get lazy. So many women over 40 give up and don’t take the time to groom themselves properly. Then they feel frumpy and loose the spark of their youth. My mission is to inspire women to dump the frump and help them look Age-mazing (This is a term I made up for, looking amazing for your age!)

9.   If you had endless amounts of money what article of clothing would you purchase?

A gorgeous designer handbag. They make a big statement, but in reality are not worth the money.

10. What shopping secrets, strategies and or recommendations can you share with the readers?

 Well, right now my biggest tip is to have your casual run around outfits always looking fresh and ready to throw on. My favorite outfit in my closet is my Bebe Sport stretch workout pants and jacket. I have a sleek pair of Kate Spade patten leather low heeled boots (from Peter Kate Shoes) with a colorful shirt and scarf and coordinating baseball cap. I can put this on and be very comfortable and look better than if I went out in grey sweat pants and white tennis shoes. I can also wear this outfit on a plane and feel stylish but still be super comfy. The boots zip on and off easily and there are no fussy belts to worry about.

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