Margaret Szajowska - confidence, comfort and class

Margaret Szajowska - confidence, comfort and class

Margaret Szajowska, 25, knows how to dress with confidence, comfort and class. As a New Business Coordinator at a media and marketing firm, Margaret is allowed to dress casual so she takes her outfit from day to night. "It’s actually very convenient because if I’m going to a happy hour or meeting up with friends after work I don’t need to change," she says. Feminine tops, skinny jeans and flats are Margaret's go-to pieces while she stays away from super trendy pieces that are likely to go out of style. "I don't think I would ever wear a jumpsuit or a romper," she says, "I feel they would be very uncomfortable." When not working, shopping or hanging out with her fiancé, Margaret enjoys travelling as often as possible, exploring and learning as much as she can.

1. Are you inspired by a particular designer or celebrity?

I like casual but stylish looks, something that is feminine and flirty but age appropriate. I think Lauren Conrad is someone that always looks cute and comfortable, so I try to follow some of her outfits, but also add an element of my own taste and style.

 2.      Where do you shop?

Since I do most of my shopping online, I really like, their clothes are trendy and chicand all under $100. I do shop at Francesca’s Collections and Ellie in Greenville as well to support some local businesses.

3.      How often do you shop?

I usually shop 2-3 times per month. When I have an event or a special occasion coming up I like to go out and get a new dress, especially in the summer or a cute top and match it up with something that I already own.

4.      Do you look for a bargain or is price not an issue if you really love it?

Everyone loves a bargain! I get really excited when I like something and it happens to be on sale, but there are times where I will splurge on designer items like jeans or bags knowing that its good quality and it will last a long time.

5.      Do current fashion trends affect your personal style?

I like to follow the newest trends, but I don’t always buy things based on the specific trend. If I like something and it happens to be one of the current fashion trends then I will put it together with my outfit. I usually buy things that look cute and are comfortable not necessarily if they are the newest trend.

6.      How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I’m not a big shoe person, so maybe 20 pairs! I love flats and flip flops because they are so comfortable, but every girl has to own a pair of her favorite black stilettos.

7.       Do you continue to use and wear the clothes that you already have or does every new season require a new wardrobe?

A new season doesn’t always mean I buy new clothes, but I like updating my wardrobe once in a while with new items. Usually before the summer starts I will buy a new bathing suit for the season.

8.      Does your job / life style play a part in determining what you are able to wear? 

Yes, my current job is very casual, so I usually wear jeans and a cute top. It’s actually very convenient because if I’m going to a happy hour or meeting up with friends after work I don’t need to change.

9.       If you had endless amounts of money what article of clothing would you purchase?

I would buy more designer jeans! Usually the ones that fit me the best, are the most expensive. 

10.   What shopping secrets, strategies and or recommendations can you share with Living Well Magazine readers?

I consider myself a savvy shopper. Before I go out to shop, I look online to see what stores are carrying the items that I’m looking for. I try to see if they have any special online or in-store promotions. Sometimes I will wait to buy something if I know that their Friends and Family Event is coming up. 


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