The Basics Of Great Coffee

Written by Brian Strauss.

Coffee Beans
Coffee beans are actually the seeds inside coffee cherries. The cherries grow on trees that are usually cut to about eight feet to allow for easier picking. However, in many forests the trees grow wild and much taller.
Each coffee cherry normally holds two beans. Some freak cherries only hold one bean. These are called peaberries and tend to have more intense flavor.

More Than A Cup Of Joe

Written by Brian Strauss.

“Ah! How sweet coffee tastes!

Lovelier than a thousand kisses,

sweeter than Muscatel wine!

I must have my coffee...”

  - Johann Sebastian Bach  (1732, an aria from his ‘Kaffee-Kantate’) -

Recently, a very good friend of ours brought us a few pounds of coffee beans from Canada as a gift. He had been living down the street from this small coffee roaster and each morning on his way to work he was captured by the heavenly scent of fresh brewed coffee. He told us that this was the best coffee he had ever tried and with an air of anticipation, we made a pot. The coffee was extraordinary; it had a great flavor, well balanced and a great taste. He was right, it really was the best cup of coffee we had tried.

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